Walkman Returns

by Fastloud

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Lyrics and music by Fastloud.
Produced by Fastloud.

Recorded and mixed by Xavi Escribano. Masterized by Aleix Archs. EM Estudi (Terrassa, Spain).


released April 20, 2017




Fastloud Barcelona, Spain

FASTLOUD is velocity and strength, FASTLOUD is eagerness.

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Track Name: Recall
I've tried to recall when I felt the same as today, yeah
the streets were so full, and I shouted your name

I've tried to recall when the 90's brought us the punk rock, yeah
the music was loud and then my life became real.

I feel like at home, when the show goes on, I don't have to think at all
Never it’s too much, I always want more, I don't have to think at all
I came back for this, I do what I want, I won't go away
Track Name: Forget this band
If you don't wanna see the truth, and you will sleep forever
forget this band.

And if your life is made of lights and you think you are clever
forget this band.

If you are afraid of who you are and you won't show it to everyone
forget this band.

and if you are gonna accept the lies and you're willing to shut up
forget this band
Track Name: Where am I?
Where am I?

The light under the door seems to be near
I thought I was sleeping over the clouds
the night has finished and I feel that I have to walk again
but there's sand on the floor and my feet burn

the landscape through the window is completely empty
there's no way to look up to the stars
A mountain seems to be the best path to escape away
Run against the wall and don't look back

there's not a word that means real freedom
there's not a desert with a pious sun
there's no passion for the people in politician's eyes
there's no mercy when you're gonna die

Where am I?